Pizza 1 @ Seacliff Beach (Aptos, CA)
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We're Dog Friendly
Yes, we have dog prints in our concrete floor. And, yes, that was done on purpose. We're located next door to Seacliff Dog Grooming and a lot of our customers have dogs. So, you'll find a bowl of cold water outside and you're welcome to visit us with your canine.
We're Green
No. We're not "green" to making pizza. We've been doing this for over 25 years. But, we are "green" with respect to our approach to doing business. Virtually all products used in the construction of this restaurant are no less than 50% recycled. We also used recyled paper products, no polystyrene, and we recycle all cans, bottles and plastic products used on premise.
And, we also believe in local (and organic, when possible) ingredients. Virtually all of our produce comes directly from local farmers in Watsonville, Gilroy, Salinas, Castroville, Santa Cruz or Monterey. And, most importantly, we are NOT a chain! Pizza 1 is a local, independent restaurant. We live here, recreate here, send our children to school here, and do business here.
You Can Drive from Alaska to the Tip of Chile!
Tracking almost 16,000 miles, the PanAmerican Highway (also known as the Interamericana Highway) was first planned in 1923. Starting in Circle, Alaska, and continuing through North, Latin and South America, until finally ending at Puerto Montt, Chile, you can actually drive the entire route (except for 54 miles through the Panama Canal and Northern Colombia.)
When Travling Highway 1, Consider This...
Bring in a picture of yourself and a Highway 1 sign (showing your location) and if we hang it on the wall, you will receive a FREE PIZZA of your choice! And, at the end of each year, there will be a special prize for the customer that brings us a photo from the place furthest away from Aptos.